| We provide legal advice on the implementation of foreign investments, including those made by Argentine citizens abroad.

| We provide comprehensive counsel on the start up of our clients’ businesses until its actual execution, through the most efficient structures.

| We extensively counsel our clients on corporate acquisitions, and carry out and coordinate due diligences.

| We advise our clients on stock purchases, negotiating the terms and conditions of different agreements and implementing the new shareholder’s takeover process until final execution.

| We actively participate in corporate reorganization processes (mergers, acquisitions, and spin-offs, among others).

| We negotiate and draft all types of commercial contracts.

| We provide legal advice and carry out goodwill transfers, in addition to drafting partnership and joint venture agreements.

| We carry out the registration and incorporation of national and foreign companies, including all types of registrations and filings before surveillance entities related to their life and business (corporate compliance).

| We provide legal advice on court and out-of-court corporate conflicts.


| We advise on family charters and shareholders’ agreements.

| We counsel on family companies’ reorganizations.

| We provide legal counsel on registration matters arising from estate and family-related conflicts.

| Family business taxation.


| We draft applications for registration or deposit to be filed with the Argentine Intellectual Property Institute and the Argentine Copyright Office.

| We carry out trademark, industrial pattern and design registration feasibility studies.
| We provide trademark monitoring services, challenges to registrations and defenses in general.
| We provide legal advice regarding the negotiation of defenses to or the dismissal of challenges.
| We assist in litigations before the Argentine federal courts.


| We represent national and foreign clients before the ordinary and federal courts in and for the City of Buenos Aires and the provinces –including the Argentine Supreme Court– in civil, commercial and labor proceedings.

| We represent individual investors against American investment banks in administrative and court claims.


| We counsel and represent companies.

| We negotiate and draft labor contracts.

| We provide counsel on occupational health and safety matters.

| We assist our clients in the negotiation of labor disputes, representing our clients both in court and out-of-court proceedings.

| We represent our clients before the Argentine Ministry of Labor and Provincial Labor Offices.


| We manage and prosecute court and out-of-court insurance claims.

| We provide legal advice to insurance entities upon cancellation of their authorization to do business, and on all matters related to voluntary and involuntary liquidation, and managers’ liability.

| We counsel and represent Occupational Risks Insurers (ART, in Spanish) at Labor Conciliation Instances (SECLO, in Spanish), mediations, and proceedings before ordinary and/or federal courts.

| We represent ARTs before the Occupational Risks Office (SRT, in Spanish), the Argentine Ministry of Labor and the Argentine Insurance Office (SSN, in Spanish).

| We assist with the recovery of due installments and credits.

| We develop procedural, training and audit handbooks.

| We draft and adjust insurance policies to the applicable laws.

| We represent our clients before the Argentine Insurance Office and other regulatory offices.


| We counsel on the application of Law No. 14.878, as amended.

| We represent our clients in summary proceedings before the Argentine Wine-Growing Office and in all procedures related to the registration and transfer of wine-growing facilities.

| We provide advice on daily proceedings before public entities regarding compliance with the regulations of Law No. 14.878 and related laws.

| We draft national and international wine-growing agreements.